Edie Duffy (b. 2001) grew up in Waylyup/Fremantle and has lived-worked-studied in Naarm since 2020. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT in 2022 and completed her Honours at Monash University in 2023. 

RMIT Graduate Exhibition: Fine Art, November 2022; Recipient of the Wayne Conduit Memorial Award.
Soft Edges, Branching Universe, February 2023.
Origin of Images, BOO!, Fitzoy Gardens Pavillion, February 2023.
BFF, An/Ari, May 2023.
Menagerie, Asbestos, July 2023. 
— Provision Manifest!, Cathedral Cabinet, September 2023. 
Monash Univerisity Graduate Exhibition: Fine Art Honours, November 2023.